Basic Materials for TeleCom Research

still being updated…

  1. Mathematical Background
    1. Linear Algebra: MIT open course, and some useful code there.

    2. Probability Theory: one list of free online probability course and tutorial

    3. Stochastic Process: NPTEL version(very useful website, many course available), one list by Dr. Myron (queueing theorist) and MIT version.

    4. Calculus: very basic course, everyone know it very well. here, give one video calculus for quick reviewing.

    5. Then one useful website for learning math, and one free online textbooks,lecture notes, tutorials and videos on mathematics.

  2. Advanced Mathematical tools

    1. queueing theory: many resources available on Dr. Myron’s homepage
    2. optimization theory: almost everything here
    3. game Theory
Table of Contents