Some notes about paper writings

After a terrible presentation on a group meeting, I realized again that paper is written with some tricks or hidden rules. I hate the so-called ‘research’, from the bottom of my heart. WHY? so many scholars and researchers are working on sth useless and meaningless. Many of them are creating stories, making up stories, and they never consider real issues, never think about the ‘applications’, which is full of buillshit!! If you ask them about the application, the feasibility, they will tell you they are working on sth preparing for future. Cheating!! liar!! future? even so, that should be based on current problems.

That was a disaster! when your supervisors taught you that research is all about papers and key skill of papers is to make it complicated and more complicated, or at least looks like complicated! wtf….. I felt so frustrated!

I don’t want to complete deny those ‘future things’. Japanese Noble winner, 大隅良典, he expressed the same ideas like my supervisors. I wont say its wrong, but at least, so far, in telecommunication fields, shit is far more than sth useful. “don’t always ask whether your job is useful”…. I wont buy it, even if the idea from a Noble prize winner. Besides, it is abviously different! Researchers like Ōsumi Yoshinori , are working the natural science where they are descovering things with lots of exprienments. But we are working on the technologies!! we must carefully think about the applications.

Complaints, so many. lol … although these so-called research made me feel sick, I did learn one thing: good writing is always important! correctly, a good expression is important! I hate the useless paper shits, but I do need to know those ‘wrinting skills’.

Stop it. write some suggestions from colleagues.

Introduction Writing - 1



PS. 这些都可以从参考文献获得。



第五,contribution 总结。 (主要是我们干了些什么,分析了什么,可以与其它文章相同)


Related works - 1



最后段落1,把自己的文章与之前所有的related work作比较,阐述不同。


**Introction 2 **




(1问题存在 2问题很难很有趣 3 别人没有发现的问题或者现象 4 我是如何解决的)



Related working 2

别人的工作和自己的不同,和改善。方向:1)应用和背景相关 2)问题相关 3)数学方法相关。

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