Notes about writting research papers

1) In the first paragraph, the key word should be specified, and the research problem should be described.

- 如果需要写更多的废话(比如在写journal的时候),则第一段引入,第二段必须介绍以上亮点。

2) In related works, whenever you mention some ideas, remember to put enough references here.

3) In related works, you must clearify several problems:

4)When describe what you did in the introduction section, highlight your contribution, point out your formulations or considerations are reasonable or your model/problem under study is complicated and hard. Better list your contributions here.

5) In system model, be very careful to use the word ‘assume’ , which will usually make reviewers think that you did some tricks here to simplify the problem.

6) when you are discribing an optimization problem, ensure to mention your objective and decision variables. your goal is to find an objective value, or to find a optimal strategy in terms of decision variables.

7) Introduction parts: 问题需要作,别人没有做或做的不够,问题不好做,我是如果解决的。

Take my recent papers as an example.

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