Kinect - Healthcare Monitoring System

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Physical Therapy today is not as efficient as people expect it to be, which is partly due to weak link between patients and clinicians. Even though researches have proposed many strategies for helping patients recover faster, untimely communication may make the treatments less effective. So there is a great potential and huge demand to build up a bridge between them. Therefore, we are devoted to develop a software system to monitor and record the patients’ exercise, such that the doctors could analyze the collected data to provide patients with appropriate suggestions in a short time.

Function Description

A simple detailed description about this demo could be found here. This kinect demo is based on following libs: Kinect SDK 1.8, OpenCV, Qt 4.8, C++11. And, The basic layout is shown as below:

 This demo is aimed at verifying the correctness of Dynamic Action Recognition and providing a friendly enough user interface for human-machine interaction. 

Demo Presentation

I made a screen record for others to quickly grab what it is :

After …

Just after I made up my mind to devote myself fully to paper research, I got such a task from my advisor (my boss). Actually, i felt quite helpless especially when he pushed my a lot. It took me almost two month to finish this demo, including designing, coding, docs, packaging, discussing with medical guys …. I would say it was my “dark period” because my grandpa was gone when i was working on this project. During this period, I passed two final exam of graduate courses with grade A and A+, and completed this demo with an upset and helpless mood….

However, I did learn something from it. in terms of programming, I trained my C++, and learnt how to develop with Kinect sensors.


Pls check it out on my github.