Unity - Healthcare monitoring

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We were looking for other way to monitor the patients, simply because Kinect is a costly solution. Fortuenately, we found the XTR3D SDK from Extreme Reality Ltd.


 We want to develop a monitoring software system to obtain the patients’ information through some the normal 2D cameras, to build a bridge between doctors and patients, and to help users’ life much easier.  The Kinect sensor is a good solution but the high cost will prevent the promotion and popularizing.

XTD3D SDK is the first, and only software based solution that enables ANY PC or Smart device to instantly analyze a person in 3D and recognize their movements. So we adopted the XTR3D as our solution for patient motion recognition.

And, due to the cross-platform requirements and the potential possibility of game-dev, I determined to develop this application on Unity.

Demo Presentation


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10 11 A detailed user guide is available at here.

Personal Contributions

Except the server part, all the else, was done by myself…

After …

Learnt Unity, which is a quite powerful and promising game engine.

Resource download

no license. and now, Extreme Reality’s Extreme Motion SDK is currently not available for download.