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This is Zhen ZHAO (赵振), currently a SKA Software Engineer at the Center for Radio Astronomical Research and Technology Innovation (CRATIV ) of Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences. I am working on machine-learning based (especially deepNet) algorithms to solve SKA related problems such as pulsar searching, gravitational wave detection, star/galaxy classification and radio interference removal. Besides, I also get involved in the DALiuGE project, which is a novel data-activated and distributed large-scale data processing framework designated for SKA Phase 1. Also, I am a programming enthusiast!

I am passionate for machine learning, signal processing, advanced algorithms and software development. From Spring 2018, I was taking the Master of Science in Computer Science - Online Program at the Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech), and studying the specialization on machine learning and computer vision. In 2017, I obtained my Master degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Manitoba (UofM), Canada under the supervision of Prof. Jun Cai. I completed my B.Sc. degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Guilin University of Electronic Technology (GUET), China in 2013. My resume: CV

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